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If you understand the behaviours of yourself and others, remarkable things can happen

In business we know that to improve performance most often requires behavioural change. As our knowledge and understanding of human behaviour increases in line with the advances in neuroscience, organisations are starting to truly understand how they use this knowledge to build more effective and high functioning workforces, and to improve performance.

It is an undisputed fact that the brain is the source of all human behaviour and that it stems from biology. How we behave is a result of everything we understand about ourselves and the world around us, which is assimilated and stored by our brains. The brain takes this information and chooses how to respond. These responses or outputs manifest as our behaviours.
Parallax will help you learn more about your behavioural style and the impact it has on your work and the people around you.

Unlock remarkable possibilities by understanding human behaviour

The brain is the root of all human behaviour, shaped by biology and our understanding of the world. Parallax, unlike traditional systems, avoids stereotypes and embraces our unique perspectives. By identifying behavioural patterns, Parallax mirrors the brain's function, offering a distinct model to understand and develop talent.

Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural assessments accurately evaluates a person’s likely achievement in their role.

Understanding how someone is likely to behave in their role, how they communicate, how they solve problems, meet their objectives and overcome challenges are critical components for identifying suitability and fit, and could be the difference between success and failure.

Parallax is powered by a truly unique, three dimensional, brain-based model which analyses behaviour in three components: Mindset, Personality and Attitude.

Team Dynamics

Team spirit or teamwork? Having an awareness of behaviour enables individuals to build trust and foster fruitful work relationships with their colleagues, which is the essence of high functioning and effective teams.

Parallax for teams provides unique insight and ‘eureka’ moments as individuals learn more about each other and appreciate why others behave the way they do.

By providing ‘Clarity’ & building ‘Unity’ you can remove conflict, improve productivity and move from dysfunction & discord to harmony and unification.

Role Benchmarking

Your business is not ‘average’ so why would you compare your people to a benchmark of the ‘average’ population?

Parallax benchmarking accurately identifies both the behaviours required, and the magnitude of such to determine a blueprint for success tailored to your organisation.

Using stakeholder insight and the underpinning of Parallax you can build progressive benchmarks that reduce the risks of mis-hire in recruitment and provide a platform for developing high performance.

Solving the challenges with Parallax

Improve Sales Performance

Sales has changed, can your people?

Discover the key behaviours that drive success with Parallax. Even with shared resources and training, performance differences persist in sales teams. While investing in sales training is vital, effective sales management is equally crucial to avoid wasted investments.

According to a 2023 Sales Hacker report, 69% of sales professionals find their job more challenging than before. Factors include the complexity of sales cycles, the impact of digital buyers, and heightened competition for customer attention.

Succeeding in today's connected world requires identifying the distinct behaviours that differentiate high performers, going beyond mere skills and knowledge.
Parallax has a proven track record of helping businesses gain a competitive edge and future-proof their sales teams.

Build Effective Teams

In today's challenging environment, teams must embody the right behaviours for success. Research indicates that the most productive teams are both diverse and well-managed. Understanding the values and behaviours of diverse teams requires a deeper approach than merely observing surface-level behaviours.

High-performing employees are typically proactive, persistent, and adaptable, with a skill for building strong relationships.

While teamwork is crucial, it encounters obstacles like communication issues, unclear roles, and conflicts, often stemming from behavioural dynamics rather than organisational processes.

Fractured teams lead to productivity losses, attrition, toxic behaviour, and disengagement.
Parallax for teams helps you build cohesive, high-performing teams, leading to better relationships and improved bottom-line results.

Recruit Smarter

According to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, businesses are missing the mark in hiring for 40% of roles, incurring substantial annual costs.

Effective recruitment involves gauging candidates' long-term behaviours against role-specific benchmarks, not solely relying on past experience. Parallax, unlike type or trait-based systems, doesn't measure candidates against a generic "norm." Instead, it delves into what "norm" signifies within your organisation.

Lacking this benchmark, you risk hiring individuals whose values and behaviours may not align with your company's culture.

Contact us to bring clarity and precision to your recruitment process.
Recruitment shouldn't feel like a gamble. Businesses need fresh talent to thrive, but hiring often falls short of expectations. It's time to shift the odds in your favour by using Parallax.

Benchmarking & Culture Change made easy with Parallax

Benchmarking is pivotal in organisational change efforts.

Businesses often navigate through three states—'turnaround,' 'transformation,' or 'steady-state'—facing diverse challenges like strategy shifts, team underperformance, or high attrition.

Mergers and acquisitions, market dynamics, and overall growth or decline further contribute to the complexity.  These transitions can introduce inconsistencies in behaviour, leading to a lack of shared language and confusion among stakeholders. 
Serious · Analytical · Scientific
Logical · Strategic · Purposeful
Impactful · Sharp · Proactive
Functions and Tasks
Cohension and Integration
Relationships and Ideas

Without a universal understanding of good performance, cultures suffer, and behaviour becomes erratic.

The essence of benchmarking lies in establishing core criteria for assessing the suitability, compatibility, and potential of hires and current team members.  This evaluation, aligned with organisational values, defines desired behaviours for roles, crucial for achieving commercial or strategic goals.

Parallax helps you create a behavioural benchmark that is essential for organisational change.

Once set, the benchmark should harmonise with the organisation's competency framework and assessment criteria. This alignment streamlines hiring decisions and serves as a bedrock for continuous performance enhancement.
tends to act in a principled way, governed by ethical values and personal integrity
tends to be confident, persuasive and influential

Transform your company from top to bottom

Leadership is a choice, not a rank! Aligning behaviours at every level is critical for gaining a competitive edge.

Good leadership centres on principles and values, fostering trust, authenticity, and accountability.

Identifying and cultivating behaviours within leadership teams that align with your values accelerates performance throughout the organisation. Incongruence results in a lack of shared language, leading to confusion and decline. Parallax ensures unification of language, creating clarity and unity around "what great looks like" in leadership behaviours.

Transform your Sales Results

Parallax has helped organisations gain a competitive edge and future-proof their sales functions.

Why do sales teams with equal opportunities differ in performance?  In 2022, US companies invested $18Bn sales training, but without effective sales management, $13.5Bn may well have been wasted.

Success in sales involves skills, knowledge, tenacity, and resilience.  Identifying the unique behaviour of high-performing salespeople and effective managers is crucial for sustainable, profitable results in an era of demanding customers.

High-performing salespeople and managers possess distinctive behaviours crucial for success in a demanding market.  Instead of attributing issues to knowledge or skill gaps, pinpoint underlying behaviours causing problems, such as a lack of strategic thinking or ambition. Parallax ensures business and customer success with its impactful tools.

Smart companies use Parallax

Here's a snapshot of companies from across the globe who have benefited from Parallax to enhance their workforce behaviour and performance...
"I have completed several psychometric profiles over the years such as DISC and one with colours, which has caused me to be sceptical of such tools as it always felt like a horoscope reading, but my Parallax report is by far the most accurate and the most informative I have ever seen!

It is incredible to see such a detailed report that I know I can use as a tool to improve in my job. I was particularly struck at how my behaviour could be seen by others and the facilitator who gave me my feedback was very good at bringing it to life. I have also given it to my wife who felt it was spot on!”
"I recently attended a sales training programme where I received feedback on my behaviours using Parallax. I am already using it to understand my customers behaviour and how I need to modify my behaviour in certain circumstances."
"A really mind-blowingly accurate profile of myself which allowed me to reflect and build on my strengths."
"I am using my Parallax report in my reviews with my line manager and I do feel it helped me achieve my recent promotion. To be able to understand the impact my behaviours has been the most valuable part.

I feel with many of these types of report I can only identify with small parts of them as it feels too prescriptive. Parallax identified key behaviours that showed the uniqueness in my profile. I believe it is a must use tool for anyone looking to improve in their role."

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A little understanding of behaviour goes a long way.

In business we know that to improve performance most often requires a change in behaviour, the same applies in our ability to form good and fruitful relationships.  If you understand the behaviours of yourself and others,
remarkable things can happen.
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